Travel With Us

Travel With Us: Experience the journey of Travel and Photography with Saskia and Raj. We are both photographers and travelers at heart. We love adventure, traveling and capturing photos of interesting places, people from different ethnic groups and tribes around the world.


Saskia started traveling around the world, before we met each other. She started her journey from southeast asia and she was in love with asia ever since. We met each other in London and since 2005 we are traveling together around the world.


I moved to The Netherlands in 2004 and completed my university in Leeuwarden. I follow my dreams of traveling and capturing images of incredible places and people. I'm Graphic designer and photographer as profession.


Since 2005 we have traveled around whole south east Asia, Europe and part of Africa. We both are actively involved in good cause by helping building schools and providing education in countries like Nepal. We have got our own foundation, established together with Nepalese friends living in The Netherlands. During 2015 earthquake in Nepal, we had adopt one village and provide them immediate help and shelter... More info on Nefe please visit www.nefe.nl.



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